Sunday, August 10, 2014

The End....

It's been an interesting four years in the life of this blog.  However, it's time to move on to other the Vegas Spa Guide for Men will shut down at the end of August 2014.  Thanks to all the guys who have read and enjoyed the blog - and thanks to the guys who got me in to the spas to do reviews.  There's a few of you out there who might be perfect to take over have at it, and blog away.  Thanks again - and have a wonderful ride.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beat the Vegas Heat: California Getaways

When the temperature soars over 100 degrees here in Vegas, locals look for any reason to get out of town as often as possible.  While I realize that this blog is entitled "Vegas Spa Guide...," I thought I would share a few favorite spas and beaches to visit in California if you're looking to escape the heat...

San Diego Area

Black's Beach (Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, La Jolla):  If you like hanging out naked and you like beaches, this is the place to go - the beach is wide and flat, the waves are great, and there's always a decent amount of fit naked men!   The north trail takes you straight down from the parking area to the gay section of the beach, but isn't for the faint of heart - if you have a fear of heights, take the south trail down to the beach, and you'll have the added bonus of walking past all the hot naked straight guys before you get to the gay section of the beach.  Put your towel down near the high tide line, and you'll enjoy a parade of guys walking back and forth along the beach...or camp out by the trail near the cliffs if you're looking for a little more action.  The beach patrol regularly drives up and down the beach, so make sure to keep an eye out if you're engaging in anything more friendly than a handshake.
Pet peeve:  I've been to Black's on occasions when it seems like 40% to 50% of the guys on the gay end of the beach are wearing trunks - WTF??!  If you're going to go to the trouble of hiking all the way down to a nude beach, you should at least have the courtesy to get naked....geez.  Pussies.
Weather advice for those of us from the desert:  It's generally a great time to go to Black's any time the temperature is in the 70's or above.  The beach is generally overcast in the morning during the summer, but the clouds burn off around noon - so I usually wait until about 1pm to hit the sand.  Also, don't let the temperature/wind in the parking area fool you - it's generally warmer and less windy down on the beach than it is up on top of the cliffs.

Aqua Day Spa (4637 Convoy Street, Kearny Mesa):  This is the only Korean spa that I know of in the San Diego area, and I used to come here occasionally to soak and steam after a day at the beach.  The place is small (the locker area is about the size of my bathroom at best), and only has the usual amenities (steam, sauna, whirlpool, cold plunge), but it gets the job done if you want a good sweat.  I've been reading on that management has been cracking down on sexual activity - so if you go, be on your best behavior.

Orange County Area

San Onofre State Beach (Basilone Road exit, San Clemente):  I'll be honest - in many respects, this is a crappy beach.  It's rocky, most of the sand is covered with desert scrub, there's fewer guys here than at Black's, everyone is spread out....but let's just say it's more active.  Finding the beach is a little tricky the first time - follow the signs to San Onofre State Beach from the Basilone Road exit on I-5, pay the $15 day fee at the guardhouse, and continue driving south all the way down to the Trail #6 parking area (which is as far south as you can go).  Head down the trail to the beach, take a left once you hit the sand and continue south - after about a 7-minute hike, you'll come to a fence which separates the public beach from the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps property (yep, the nude part of the beach is actually on the base).  The straights hang out in the area just south of the fence - for the gay section, keep on hiking further south (I like to set up about 10 minutes further down the trail where there's a little more sand).  It's not uncommon to see creepy guys at Onofre who do nothing but walk back and forth along the trail and follow unsuspecting guys up into the canyons off the trail (I went into a canyon once to take a piss, and had two old guys on me in seconds wanting to blow me - so now, I just piss out in the open).  Guys are more likely to get naked here than at Black's, and it's definitely more playful - so it's worth a visit.
Nice to know:  Occasionally, the Marines will be doing practice maneuvers at the beach - so the nudists are forced to move north of the fence and put their clothes back on.  I've read on the internet that they used to issue tickets for being on the base property, but that hasn't been my experience in the last couple of years that I've been going to Onofre.

I-Spa (2332 Barranca Parkway, Irvine):  After a day at San Onofre, I like to head up the highway to Irvine and spend an hour or two at I-Spa, steaming the sunscreen out of my pores and having a good soak.  Even though it's not the cruisiest spa, it's one of the cleanest and best maintained spas I've been to.  It has the standard amenities, but with an additional whirlpool and the added benefit of windows looking out to a small outdoor garden from the wet area.  Despite the fact that there isn't a lot of cruising at I-Spa, I regularly see other gay men here (as well as hot straight guys and the occasional military guy), so there's usually something to look at while you're soaking and steaming.

Los Angeles Area

While there aren't any nude beaches in the LA area that I'm aware of, this is Korean spa heaven, so there are a lot of choices if you're in the area...

Century Day & Night Spa (4120 W. Olympic Boulevard):  Century is probably the cruisiest Korean spa out of the bunch.  There's a lot of horny guys that frequent this place, and the gay men easily outnumber the poor straight Korean guys (who are probably exposed to a lot more than they would ever want to see).  The one drawback is that they give out regular-sized bath towels to the patrons, so unfortunately, a lot of guys stay wrapped up most of the time.  The wet area is large, and includes a steam room, mist sauna, regular sauna, cold room, cold plunge, whirlpool, tea bath (smaller, hotter, stinkier whirlpool - but it's good for a discreet grope session).  There's an outdoor patio just off the wet area, which is a good spot for cooling off after a good sweat - and there tends to be a lot of activity out there too.  Down the hall from the wet area is the clay sauna and the marble sauna - and upstairs, there's a meditation room with 3 beds that looks down over the wet area.  The whirlpool is a great place to sit and check everything out - I like to sit naked on the back edge of the whirlpool, dick out and semi-stiff, watching all the activity - from that vantage point, you can see all of the guys showering, cruising in and out of the saunas, checking out the patio area, and even see what's happening upstairs in the meditation room.

Wi Spa (2700 Wilshire Boulevard):  Wi spa (I know, funny name) isn't anywhere as cruisy as Century, but I like the fact that there are no large towels here, so everyone pretty much has to hang out naked (and that's the way it should be at a spa).  The wet area has the standard stuff - whirlpool, hot whirlpool, cold plunge, steam room, sauna - plus, an alcove with a heated stone floor for sleeping.  Wi tends to attract a lot of families, so you'll occasionally see young kids in the wet area with their fathers - even at odd hours.  I've done the overnight thing here a couple of times on a weekend (they have a dark sleeping room with recliners), and noticed that it's not uncommon to see hot drunk gay guys here at 2:00 a.m., steaming out the toxins before heading home from the clubs.

Beverly Hot Springs (308 N. Oxford Avenue):  Beverly Hot Springs is kind of funky - but in a good way.  Before we get to the funkiness, the key thing to know about Beverly is that their water source is directly from an artesian well, and makes your skin feel incredibly silky (as opposed to dried out from the chlorine which is often the case at other spas).  The men's spa is on the second floor of the building, and the wet area is designed to look like a dimly-lit grotto of sorts.  The spring-fed pool is comparatively large; there's also a cold plunge, a small steam room (skip it if you have personal space issues), and a decent-sized sauna. In addition, there's a relaxation room off to the side of the wet area, with lounge chairs for hanging out naked between soaking and steaming. While more expensive than the other spas in town and only semi-cruisy, the place is worth checking out for the wonderful qualities of their artesian spring water.

Wilshire Spa (3440 Wilshire Boulevard):  Wilshire Health is kind of funky - but not always in a good way.  The maintenance (and decor) is kind of sketchy, the whirlpool and sauna are way too hot to be enjoyable, and there's this strange rock water feature in the corner that I'm not sure is ornamental or if you're actually supposed to soak in it (I've seen guys sitting in it, so I'm assuming it's intended for that purpose).  Regardless, this place can be cruisy at times - especially the sleeping room.  Finding it is a bit of a challenge - while the address is on Wilshire Boulevard, the entrance is on the side street (Mariposa Ave.), and the sign says something like "Health Club" instead of "Wilshire Spa" (which is the name on their website and all of their promotional materials).

Lions Spa (4551 W. Pico Boulevard):  This is actually more of a warning than a review - this place is a dump.  Avoid it.

San Francisco

While there is a nude beach in SF - Golden Gate Beach (Lincoln Boulevard) - it's always been too cold whenever I've been to San Francisco to check it out and get naked!  Maybe someday....

Kabuki Springs & Spa (1750 Geary Boulevard):  I always make time for Kabuki when I'm in SF.  It has a different vibe than the Korean spas - Korean spas tend to be much more social, while Kabuki is more about silence and tranquility - but it's a beautifully maintained facility with great decor, and there's always an abundance of naked men.  Two things to be aware of:  1) They don't have separate men's and women's areas, so they alternate days of the week for each gender - the men's days are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday; and 2)  They limit the number of men using the spa, so you may have to wait to get in.  Instead of a whirlpool, there's a shallow soaking pool; they also have a cold plunge, large sauna, and decent-sized steam room.  While they provide large bath towels for patrons, most of the guys are comfortable letting it all hang out.  Despite this being San Francisco, cruising is minimal - partly due to the fact that the spa attendants are constantly in and out of the wet area - but regardless, I always enjoying spending some naked time here.

Bay to Breakers Race:  While not a spa or a beach - the annual Bay to Breakers race (held in mid-May) is a terrific event and there are always a number of naked runners on the course.  Feeling brave?  Strip down to your jock (or less) and have a run through San Francisco!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spa Buddy Thread

By reader request, I'm creating this posting specifically for guys who are heading to a spa and looking for others to join them (this is specifically ripped off from R., over at the Gay Guy's Guide to Korean Spas).  This saves you from having to go through all the posts under previous blog entries for each spa - so feel free to post here if you're looking for a spa buddy.  Basic rules as follows:

  • Be specific:  List the name of the spa you're heading to, the date and time you're going, and what you're looking for (platonic buddy, fellow exhibitionist, etc.).
  • Identify yourself:  Unless you're meeting someone outside of the spa, give your spa buddy a few distinctive characteristics that will make it easy for them to find you at the spa (locker key on right ankle, mohawk haircut, butterfly tattoo on left ass cheek, third get the idea).
  • Contact info:  If you want potential spa buddies to email you before meeting up at the spa or want to exchange pictures, leave some kind of contact information - email address, profile name on social media sites (dudesnude, Scruff, Adam4Adam, etc.).
Enjoy....and happy spa-ing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reader Poll: When's the Best Time to Go to Imperial Korean Spa?

With all of the restrictions regarding non-hotel guest policies at the major spas on the Strip, about the only option left for us local guys is Imperial Korean Spa - which isn't a bad thing per se, but I kind of like having options.  The only problem with Imperial is that I just can't seem to figure out when is the best time to go (and by that, I mean:  when is the best time see eye-candy?).  I've been on the occasional weekday evening, but I typically go on the weekends...and unlike the Strip spas, there doesn't seem to be any particular time where you're guaranteed that there's going to be other hot guys there.

So - let me pose this question to my readers - when is the best time to go to Imperial Spa?  For those of you who go there on a regular basis, post your thoughts in the comments section below....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spa and Salon - Golden Nugget

Address:  129 Fremont Street - 4th Floor of the Spa Tower

Hours:  6:00am to 8:00pm, seven days per week

Cost:  $20

Non-hotel guests permitted:  Yes

Amenities:  1 whirlpool, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity:  Low


  • The spa is hard to find - even though I've been to the Golden Nugget dozens of times for dinner or meetings,  it took me about 30 minutes to find the spa on my first spa visit.  Here's where it is:  locate the Spa Tower elevators, which are in an alcove across from the Grotto restaurant/bar, and go up to the 4th floor.
  • The showers have these cool, kind of old-school analog thermometer devices in the controls that show the temperature of the water....not unlike a tachometer in a car (for some reason, I was fixated on these!)

Let's start with something positive:  the spa at the Golden Nugget equals or exceeds just about any spa on the Strip in terms of finishes and materials; they definitely didn't scrimp when the place was designed and built.  Now for the bad news:  the spa is incredibly small (comparable to the size of the spa at NYNY), and there's definitely not much hope for action.  There were only a couple of other guys  there both times I went, and none of them spent more than a couple of minutes using the facilities.

The locker room is about the size of a small living room, with shuttered windows overlooking the pool area below, and also functions as the lounge area.  The grooming area and showers are directly past the locker room, with the whirlpool, steam room and sauna immediately past the grooming area.  The whirlpool is located behind a low wall and up a couple of steps from the main passageway, and offers a secluded place for discreet encounters (not that any of the patrons here are looking for that).  Both the sauna and steam room are surprisingly spacious, considering the overall limited square footage of the spa.  Another drawback - no chaise lounge chairs anywhere, so this is definitely not the type of environment that invites you to linger.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Say It Isn't So, Caesars!

August 2013 has turned out to be a sad, sad month for me - and not just because I got another year older.  Qua at Caesars, the equal-opportunity "We Welcome Everybody!" spa on the Strip, has changed their entrance policy and will now only allow hotel guests on Saturdays and Sundays.  Sigh...I think a little part of my naked self has died.

I was first tipped off by a reader earlier this month, who was told of the new policy when he called the front desk of the spa.  Due to a busy travel schedule, I wasn't able to test it out until yesterday, when I was briskly turned away.  Non-hotel guests will still be allowed Monday through Friday - but don't count on a Saturday or Sunday visit if you're not staying at the hotel.

A reader posted yesterday that we should email Caesars and let them know of our displeasure - so if you're activism minded, have at it.  Because I just flat-out love the facility, I'm sure I'll make the occasional weekday visit - but darnit, this does put a crimp in my spa schedule.  (I love kicking back on the heated lounge chairs in the Roman pools area, naked as the day I was born, dick flopped over my thigh, watching ESPN and making the straight guys nervous.)  Just one more reason to head to Imperial Spa on East Sahara Avenue....

Update - November 2013:  A reader informed me yesterday that the cost for non-hotel guests on weekends has been raised from $45 to $100 per day.....yikes.

Update - October 2013:  Over the last month, I've been to Caesars on a weekday to see how the new policy has impacted attendance.  My first visit was on a Monday, and attendance was about 3/4 of what you would typically see on a Saturday or Sunday.  There were a number of guys looking to play, no different than what is typical.  At one point early in the visit, a uniformed security guard took a stroll through the spa and checked the steam rooms and sauna, but didn't do any additional rounds that day.  My second visit was on a Thursday, and attendance was down - only about 1/2 of the normal weekend attendance.  There was very limited cruising; and just like my Monday visit, a security guard made the rounds once and then left.  My most recent visit was on a Friday, and the attendance was similar to my Monday visit.  Cruising was about normal - a couple of guys discreetly showing wood, some furtive play in the steam room - nothing out of the ordinary.  What was different was that there was an older guy in a suit monitoring the spa the entire time I was there - occasionally strolling through the spa but not specifically checking the rooms, and spent most of the time stationed beside the front counter.  It just seemed a little odd; he was obviously a hotel employee, but not really doing security and not really assisting the spa attendants (but he was friendly - offered me a bottle of water on my way out of the spa).  My general impressions are as follows:  weekday attendance is still less than weekend attendance; the busiest time of day is still between 3pm and 5pm; cruising still occurs, but is a little more discreet than previously.  Still a great place to visit - and still has a greater number of visitors using the facilities than the other spas on the Strip.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paris Las Vegas Spa by Mandara

Address:  3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, 2nd Floor

Hours:  6:00am - 7:00pm, 7 days a week

Cost:  $25 for hotel guests, $35 for non-hotel guests; 3- and 5-day passes are also available

Non-hotel guests permitted:  Yes

Amenities:  1 whirlpool, 1 cold plunge, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity:  Low


  • Be sure to wear a robe if you're going from the locker area to the lounge; you're in partial view of the lobby area and any patrons heading to or from the gym (unless you want to flash the females).
  • The showers here are big, the lighting is dim, and the shower doors are opaque - I'll let you do the math as to the significance of those facts.

Review:  I don't want to be mean, but let's just say it:  This is a loser of a spa.

The spa is operated by the Mandara chain (operator of the spas at Planet Hollywood and the Tropicana), which bills itself as a luxury spa company - but the spa at the Paris is barely on par with any standard gym spa.  Sure, it does have those Matisse-inspired tile panels on the wall in the wet area, but that's not enough to make up for the minimal effort that was put into the design of the place.  The whirlpool, sauna and steam room are all decent but not outstanding; one of my biggest complaints about the space is that there aren't any lounge chairs in the wet area for relaxing after a soak or steam.  While not quite as deserted as Treasure Island or the other small spas on the Strip, this spa doesn't attract many patrons, and most leave fairly soon after their treatments or gym workout.  Oddly enough, there was a copy of Out magazine in the rack in the lounge area - but zero cruising activity on the several occasions that I visited.

Added note - please don't ever do this:  I watched a hot young stud come back from a workout in the gym, take off his socks and running shoes and put them in his locker, and then go straight to the wet area where he took off his tank top and got into the whirlpool wearing his sweaty gym shorts and without taking a shower first.  Ewwwwwwwww.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For Locals: South Point is Out, Imperial Korean Spa is In

As of September 2012, the Costa Del Sur Spa at the South Point Hotel is off-limits to non-hotel guests - and more importantly, off-limits to all of us local guys looking for a decent, legitimate spa where we could relax naked.  Some friends of mine, who were regulars at the South Point, were informed by a spa employee that management was specifically looking to crack down on sexual activity that was occurring at the spa.  Oops....our bad.

So - what's a local guy to do?

Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out at Caesars...but with a $45 entry fee, it's not some place you can go every weekend (and it's kind of a bad sign when the spa staff say "Oh - you're back again!" when you check in at the front counter).  Cosmo has jacked up their entry fee again, and their facilities aren't that great to warrant going there on a regular basis.  What other options are there for spas that allow locals and non-hotel guests?

Here's my suggestion:  let's take over the Imperial Korean spa (1070 E. Sahara Avenue - see my blog postings of May 15, 2010 and October 25, 2011 for more info).  The price is cheap (only $20) and it's open later than the hotel spas (until 11pm, 7 days a week), making it much more accessible.  Unlike the hotel spas, you're almost forced to go naked here, which is great for those of us who aren't shy and others who like to look.  The downside is that not many bi and gay men have discovered it - so there isn't much to look at - yet.  My buddies from South Point are starting to become regulars, and I'm hoping other guys will discover it too.  The last time I was there, a fit tatted guy with a big dick strolled in and made the afternoon more interesting - so there's hope!  Let's see if we can make this the "in" spot to hang out naked....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Spa and Salon - New York New York

Address:  3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South, 3rd Floor - Empire Tower

Hours:  6:30am - 7:00pm, 7 days a week

Cost:  $10 for hotel guests, $20 for non-hotel guests

Non-hotel guests permitted:  Yes

Amenities:  1 whirlpool, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity:  Low

  • The benches in the whirlpool are very low - but keep on squatting and you'll eventually touch down.  
  • The benches in the steam room are also pretty low, but they're comfortably wide enough to stretch out your towel and lay down.
Review:  For a hotel that has modeled itself after the "Big Apple," the spa is anything but big - probably one the smallest of any of the major hotels on the Strip.  With only 16 lockers total, it is correct to assume that the spa doesn't get much use.  The layout is a bit odd too - the door to the sauna is right next to the check-in desk, the showers are to the right of the check-in desk, the urinal and toilet stall are right in view of the main corridor, and you have to pass through the lounge to get to the whirlpool.  Despite the limited square footage of the spa area, the steam room, sauna, and shower cubicles are all relatively generous in size.  The only area that really suffers is the whirlpool, which may pose a problem for those with personal space issues - it will seat one guy comfortably, but two or more may become a challenge (added note:  If there's a guy already seated in the whirlpool as you're getting in, your junk is going to be right in his face as you go down the steps).  Cruising activity is minimal to non-existant - there were never more than a couple of other guys using the facilities while I was there, even during what is typically the busiest spa hours - and about half were wearing swim trunks.  The hot little spa attendant blushed and retreated behind his counter whenever I had my towel off (which, admittedly, was most of the time) - so I'm guessing he doesn't see a lot of cock on a day-to-day basis.  The verdict?  If you're looking for fun while staying at New York New York, I'd recommend looking elsewhere.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oleksandra Spa & Salon - Treasure Island

Address:  3300 Las Vegas Boulevard South,

Hours:  8:30am - 7pm, 7 days a week

Cost:  $27

Non-hotel guests permitted:  Yes

Amenities:  2 whirlpools, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity:  Low


  • There's a shower stall off the sauna, which can also be accessed from the wet area - perfect for rinsing off after a good sweat.
  • The controls for the whirlpools are on the wall on the right-hand side of the wet area (but let the attendants handle the controls - for some reason, they're kind of touchy about guests working a simple on/off dial).
Review:  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Yep, this one's another snoozer of a spa.  While the spa facility is nice and it appears to have been recently renovated, there's not much happening here.  I attended on a weekend afternoon during what is typically the busiest period for a spa, and there was practically no one there - you could literally hear crickets chirping in the background most of the time.

Getting down to the actual facilities - both the steam room and sauna have clear glass windows opening onto the main corridor, which would normally prevent any kind of activity from happening - but since there's practically no one in the spa, you could probably have a free-for-all in either space without any fear of being detected.  Temperature control in the whirlpools and steam room is decent, so you can linger in either for extended periods of time without getting overly "cooked."  All in all, this is not a bad facility - just devoid of clientele and any hopes for gratuitous nudity.

(Thanks to C for getting me in to the spa - and sorry it was so boring!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Spa by Mandara - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Address:  3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South - located on the Mezzanine Level, just beyond the wedding chapel

Hours:  6am - 7pm, 7 days a week

Cost:  $25 for hotel guests, $35 for non-hotel guests; three- and five-day passes are also available

Non-hotel guests permitted:  Yes

Amenities:  1 whirlpool, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity:  Low


  • If you want bottled water, it's in a small refrigerator on the far side of the lounge area - and make sure you're wearing a robe, because you're in view of the co-ed area of the spa.  There is a drinking fountain in the space between the sauna and the steam room if you want to save yourself the trip....
  • There aren't any lounge chairs in the wet area - only upright chairs - so there isn't any place to really relax and take a nap.

Review:  Yawn.

That about sums up my experience at the Mandara Spa.  Don't get me wrong - the whirlpool was decent, the steam room is generously sized and not too hot - but this just isn't the kind of place where guys linger.  Over the course of several visits, I noticed that the general pattern was this:  guys come in to get a massage, wait in the lounge watching TV, come back from their massage and take a 5-minute soak or steam, and then leave.  I felt a little odd, as I was the only guy who spent more than 20 minutes in the place.  My recommendation?  Try someplace else, unless you have a free pass and very limited expectations.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spa and Fitness Center - Flamingo Las Vegas

Address:  3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South - ground floor

Hours:  6am - 7pm Friday through Monday; 6am - 6pm Tuesday through Thursday

Cost:  $20 for a day pass; $55 for a three-day pass, $85 for a five-day pass

Non-hotel guests permitted:  Yes (Neither the website nor the spa literature specify their policies for non-hotel guests; however, I have gotten into the spa without being asked for my room number.)

Amenities:  2 whirlpools, 1 cold plunge, 1 steam room, 1 regular sauna, 1 wet sauna (currently non-operational)

Cruising activity:  Low


  • The controls for the whirlpools are on the wall to the right of the steps that lead up to the wet area.
  • Make sure to wear flip-flops/sandals in the steam room - there is apparently no drain in the room, so the hot water from the steam unit just discharges all over the floor.
Review:  Let me just say it:  the spa at the Flamingo is kind of a dump.  The design theme of the place seems to be "Miami Beach, circa 1978" - which is probably about the same year that they last did any maintenance on the place.  It has all the regular amenities - whirlpools, steam, sauna - but just isn't very inviting for hanging out naked.  This proved to be the case when I visited several times on a busy holiday weekend; while there were hot guys working out in the gym, there was never more than one other guy using the spa facilities.  The bottom line is this - don't waste your $20 here - shell out a few more bills and walk across the street to Qua.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Royal Treatment Spa - Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Address: 3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South - ground floor, adjacent to the pool area

Hours: 6am - 8pm, 7 days a week

Cost: $10 for hotel guests; $20 for non-hotel guests

Non-hotel guests permitted: Yes

Amenities: 1 whirlpool, 1 sauna, 1 steam room

Cruising activity: Low

  • The steam room is perfect for playing - like the spa at Mandalay Bay, it has dual doors into the steam room, giving adequate warning if someone is entering.
  • The showers are themed by the fragrance of the body wash and shampoo inside - if you're in a "green tea and lemongrass" mood, it's the middle shower on the right; if you're more of a "coco mango" guy, head to the last shower on the left. (Totally gay, I know.)
Review: I'll admit it - I was downright frightened to go to the spa at the Excalibur. As the hotel has this whole "ye olde castle" theme going on, I was expecting the spa to resemble something out of King Arthur - rusticated stone walls, moat-themed whirlpool, spa attendants dressed in suits of armor. Thankfully, I can report that this is not the case. The spa appears to have been redone within the last couple of years, and features contemporary glass doors, lockers with an "industrial" surfacing, granite countertops, and a modern aesthetic that isn't found elsewhere in the hotel.

So much for the good news - now let's get to the bad news: a) The spa is tiny by Vegas standards; and b) cruising activity is nonexistent. While the spa is small and only has the basic three amenities (whirlpool, steam, sauna), the steam room has the perfect setup for guy fun - double doors, benches facing each other, decent size. However, to have a little man-on-man action, you need to have another man in attendance (not to overstate the obvious). I went once in the morning after a workout, and there was only one other guy using the spa facilities. I went back on a weekend afternoon during the prime spa hours (2pm to 5pm), and had the entire place to myself until the very end when I was joined by a hyper-straight guy wearing baggy trunks in the wet area - I could audibly hear his dick shrivel when he saw me getting out of the whirlpool stark naked, so I could tell he wasn't going to be any fun. While this spa has potential, it sadly lacks the quantity and type of clientele that could make it worthwhile.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

LA Spa Blog

Time for me to do a little cross-promotion - I received a link the other day to a new blog that I thought readers of this site might enjoy:

Similar to my site, the blog provides reviews of Korean spas in the LA area, with information on pricing, amenities, and of course, the reason we all go - cruising. The site is just getting up and running, so only a few reviews are up so far - but additional posts are forthcoming.

I try and visit a Korean spa whenever I'm in LA, and so far I've been to a handful. Some are very well done and very cruisy (Century Spa); others are kinda dingy (Lions Spa - ugh). Check out the blog, and enjoy some naked time while visiting LA...

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Spa and Salon - Monte Carlo

Address: 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South - 2nd Floor

Hours: 6am - 7pm, Sunday through Thursday; open until 8pm on Friday and Saturday.

Cost: $10

Non-hotel guests: Yes; the cost is $22.

Amenities: 1 whirlpool, 1 cold plunge, 1 steam room, 1 sauna.

Cruising activity: Low

  • The switch for the whirlpool jets is on the wall facing you as you climb the steps into the whirlpool area (not the keypad to your left).
  • The shower cubicles have a full, solid door that can be locked - not that I'm suggesting anything could happen inside....
Review: Is it just me, or are all the amenities here really really hot?? I swear that the temperature for the steam room was set on "Hell," and the whirlpool felt like it was just a couple of degrees shy of boiling. Maybe it's because management knows how easy it would be to cruise this place if only the temperature settings were tolerable....

The spa at the Monte Carlo is one of the smaller spas on the Strip, designed and constructed before Las Vegas learned how to supersize things. Regardless, the facility is clean and well maintained, and has all of the expected features. The facility is long and narrow, with everything laid out along a central corridor - whirlpool area, sauna and steam room on the right, lounge, showers and grooming area on the left, and the locker area at the very end.

Cruising could be relatively easy here, if only there were any guys to cruise...the whirlpool and cold plunge are up a couple of steps from the main corridor and hidden by an opaque glass railing, making it possible for a good grope session without being viewed by others. The steam room has a double door and an L-shaped layout, making it possible to mess around undetected despite the clear glass doors - if only it weren't so damn hot. The sauna is the only place that doesn't lend itself to discreet guyfun, as all areas of the room are visible to the central corridor through the clear glass door.

The primary drawback to the spa is that it doesn't get a lot of patrons - there were never more than one or two other guys using the facilities during the times that I visited. While it only takes one other guy to make your spa experience memorable, the lack of attendance here puts the odds of that happening in the same category as leaving Vegas with more money in your pocket than when you arrived.

(A special thanks to my buddy J., who got me in to the spa and suffered through a couple of reconnaissance visits!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feeling a Little Stiff?

It's happened to all of us: You're standing there naked in the locker room, the gym showers, or your favorite nude beach - and out of nowhere, your dick starts doing its own thing. You try thinking about doing your taxes, photos of advanced stages of gingivitis, your second grade teacher, but you're still stiff as a board and sticking straight out for all the world to see. Yikes.

One of my readers posed the question: What do you do when you get a full-on erection at an inopportune moment in the spa?

Here are my recommendations for hiding a stiffy:
  • In the steam room or sauna: If you're sitting naked on your towel, rotate away from anyone else in the room as you stand up, and wrap your towel around your waist so that your dick is pointing up (make sure your towel is high enough up on your waist so that the head of your cock isn't poking out). Another option is to pick up your towel and grip it along the top edge in the center, and then hold it up in front of you slightly above your waist level - this way, the draping of the towel will conceal your erection until you can get somewhere more private to wrap things up.
  • Exiting the whirlpool: This one is a little more difficult - about the only way to conceal it is to put your hand over your hardon so that it's pointing straight down, and then scramble for the nearest towel.
My best advice, however, is this: don't rush to hide it. Getting a chubby is one of the best things about being a guy - so don't be embarrassed or shy - smile, get up from the bench or out of the whirlpool, and move on like it ain't no thang. Having an erection in and of itself isn't a's only what you DO with it that can get you into trouble.

I was at a spa once, and saw a mid 20-something guy get up out of the whirlpool with a boner at half-mast. He let it bounce proudly as he climbed up the steps, then lingered at the edge of the whirlpool fully naked while chatting with his buddies, his dick standing stiff and straight in front of him. After a minute or two he finally wrapped his towel around him and headed off to the locker area. You gotta admire that kind of confidence.

So, the moral of the story is this - erections happen, the straight guys will probably be intimidated by it, and the gay and curious guys will appreciate the view. Enjoy the experience of being boned up in front of a group of guys without any shame or embarrassment. Think of a hardon like a calling card or an invitation - very visibly signaling to the object of your arousal the desire for a post-spa rendezvous.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Spa at Green Valley Ranch

Address: 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway, Henderson (the spa is located in a separate building adjacent to the pool area).

Hours: 6am - 8pm, 7 days a week.

Cost: Free for hotel guests (guests pay a resort fee in addition to the room rate).

Non-hotel guests: Non-hotel guests may use the spa Monday through Thursday; the cost is $50.

Amenities: 1 whirlpool, 1 steam room, 1 sauna.

Cruising activity: Low

  • The spa can be a little tough to find; it's located outside the hotel in a separate building adjacent to the pool area. After exiting outside from the hotel lobby, proceed down the winding path to the left and head towards the small complex of buildings that house the spa, salon, and gym.
Review: I was a little disappointed by the spa at the Green Valley Ranch Resort. Don't get me wrong - it's a nice facility - but I was just expecting something a little....more. Like its sister facility at the Red Rock Resort and Casino, it's definitely smaller than the spas on the Strip, and only has the most basic of expected amenities: whirlpool, steam room, sauna. The weekend that I visited, there were never more than one or two other guys using the spa facilities while I was - and I can't envision that it gets much busier than that. While this spa is a nice place to relax, don't count on any action (unless you bring it with you).

(A special thanks goes out to E., who graciously got me into the spa for this review - thanks, man!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Imperial Health Spa Reopens

After an extended renovation period, Imperial Health Spa on East Sahara Avenue is once again open for business (see the May 2010 posting for full information about the spa - and note that this is NOT the spa at the Imperial Palace casino on Las Vegas Boulevard). I visited a few weeks ago to see what changes had been made, and have very little to report - some of the tile in the wet area has been changed out, the La-Z-Boys in the sleeping room have been replaced - but there really aren't any noticeable differences. So the question remains: what took them so long??

Minor changes aside, cruising hasn't picked up any since the renovation. The night I visited, there were only a handful of guys in the wet area - and only one other guy that seemed to be looking to play (and he just wasn't my type....sigh). With the spas on the Strip cracking down on guy-on-guy action, maybe this will become an alternative...

Last visit - February 2012: Imperial Spa has changed their towel service - instead of keeping towels racked up in the wet area, they now ration towels at the front desk. Guests are given two towels: 1 small hand towel, and 1 regular bath towel. I find it best to take the small hand towel with me to the wet area, and place that underneath me when sitting in the steam rooms or sauna. I save the bath towel for laying on in the dry salt sauna or for drying off at the end of my visit. Guests don't seem to mind - everyone in the wet area seemed pretty comfortable getting their naked groove on.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Changes at Qua: The End of an Era?


They've done it.

The management at Caesars has replaced the opaque doors on the sauna, arctic room and steam rooms with clear glass doors, making it possible for staff to easily monitor anything going on inside. Does this mean that the fun is over?? Maybe....maybe not.

Guys can pretty sneaky about getting their groove on, so I guess we're going to have to be more creative. On a visit last Saturday, I watched three guys get a little group thing going on in the arctic room, all flattened against the inside wall so they weren't directly in view of the glass door. While lounging in the back whirlpool in the Roman pools area, I had a guy across from me seated up on the edge of the pool, hidden behind the column, slowly stroking the head of his cock. The steam room is usually steamy enough that you can't see more than a few feet into the room - and it seemed like there was a long line of guys jockeying for a seat at the back of the room.

One of the great things about Qua is that due to its size and liberal entrance policy, it tends to draw a larger crowd of guys than the other spas on the Strip. With a larger crowd of guys comes a larger percentage of guys looking to show off and play - making it a very appealing location to hang out naked for an afternoon.

Let's see if this change impacts the popularity of Qua...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Encore Spa

Address: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South - 2nd floor of the Encore tower

Hours: 7am - 8pm, 7 days a week.

Cost: $40 for a day pass (multi-day passes not available).

Non-hotel guests: Permitted Monday through Thursday; hotel guests only on weekends.

Amenities: 2 whirlpools, 2 cold plunge pools, 1 steam room, 1 sauna, 5 "waterfall" showers.

Cruising activity: Medium

  • The controls for the whirlpool jets are on the wall, next to the towel cabinets. The settings are for 10-, 20-, 30- and 60-minute increments. I can't tell you how many guys I saw sitting in the whirlpools thinking "Is this all there is??", so I'd feel compelled to walk over and turn the jets on for them.
  • The controls for the waterfall showers are damn-near impossible to figure out without the aid of a user's manual. For those of you who are technologically impaired (as I am), ask one of the attendants to demonstrate how to turn the thing on.
  • The showers here are probably the best around for some discreet manfun (I realize that's not a word - but it should be). While the outer door does have an opaque glass panel, the layout of the interior shower stall makes it difficult for anyone to see what's going on in the cubicle (unlike the showers at Mandalay or the others, where you can see shadows of what's happening inside). Be careful, though - the sauna has a direct view into the shower area, so make sure no one's watching if you've been invited into a shower cubicle with a buddy...
Review: The spa at Encore features the same, over-the-top interior design as the spa at the Wynn - but is larger and thankfully has more amenities. The layout is basically the same as the Wynn, with a separate wet area for the whirlpools, and the steam room and sauna located on the principal corridor that goes from the lounge to the wet area. The amenity that puts the Encore spa ahead of the Wynn is the heated lounge chairs in the wet area, which are perfect for resting in between the steaming and soaking sessions (and aren't bad for hanging around and just watching the naked guys).

In terms of M4M activity, both the sauna and the steam room have clear glass doors, which generally make it difficult to get away with anything - but the steam room is large enough and steamy enough that discreet activity won't be visible to those passing by. As mentioned above, the showers here probably offer the greatest privacy of any facility on the Strip, as long as no one's watching Guy #2 enter or leave. While I've heard that the spa at Encore is really cruisy, I only found it to be moderately so - don't get me wrong, I did make friends with a fit young Aussie lad (wink wink, nod nod) - but the cruising wasn't as brazen as it can be at either Qua or Mandalay.