Saturday, May 15, 2010

Imperial Spa

Note: The spa was closed for renovations in early 2011; it is now open again.

Address: 1070 E. Sahara Avenue (The spa is located about 500 feet north of Sahara Avenue on a private driveway and does not front directly on the street; look for the signs posted on Sahara)

Hours: Open 8am - 11:30pm, 7 days a week

Cost: $20

Amenities: 1 whirlpool, 1 cold plunge, salt steam room, herbal steam room, sauna, dry salt sauna

Cruising activity: Low (but has potential)

  • The towels provided here are no bigger than a hand towel - so give up on the notion that you're ever going to be able to wrap something around you during your spa experience here, and get used to the fact that you and everybody else is going to be buck naked for the next several hours. (See why this place has potential?)
  • As you're sitting in the whirlpool, there are only two things to look at - the flat screen TV on the opposite wall, and the open showers - and neither is a bad view. (Did I mention already that this place has potential??)
  • Since this spa is open 24 hours, it's a more convenient weekday option for a little relaxation and nudity for the 8-5 crowd (as all of the Strip spas close between 7 and 8pm).
  • The sauna and steam rooms all have clear glass windows and doors, making it a little difficult to play if there are more than a few guys in the wet area. The dry salt sauna is virtually unused, as it's in a remote area of the men's spa - and may be appropriate for a little one-on-one time if you're cautious.
Review: If you've never been to a Korean spa, you're in for a treat. In addition to the standard amenities found at the Strip spas (whirlpool, steam, sauna), Imperial Spa has a unisex area on the 2nd floor with a cafe, unisex sauna rooms, and a theater lounge among other things. In the middle of the men's locker room, there's a group of La-Z-Boys oriented towards a flat screen playing Korean-language programs, and a "sleeping room" off to the side of the grooming area filled with La-Z-Boys in a darkened room. So, to paraphrase Dorothy - it's readily apparent you're not in Kansas anymore.

Upon checking in at the front desk, you'll be issued a locker key, 2 towels, and a pair of shorts and a T-shirt for wearing in the unisex areas. Strip down at your locker - and head naked over to the wet area. The wet area includes both Western (standing) and Eastern (seated) shower facilities. The Western showers have no partitions, putting you in full view of the other patrons - combine this with the fact that the steam and sauna rooms have clear glass windows and doors, and you'll find that the spa layout lends itself to voyeuristic tendencies. The one downfall of this facility is the lack of patrons - but if the word were to get out, this place could be very fun.

PS: While I'm no expert at Asian culture and customs by any stretch of the imagination, the following pointers may help you avoid the scorn of other patrons:
  • Take your street shoes off immediately after entering the men's locker room - there are cubicles for shoes inside the locker room entrance with numbers that correspond to the locker number for your clothing.
  • Don't wear the spa robes or clothing into the wet area (an elderly man yelled at me in Korean as I was entering the wet area in a robe, so I'm assuming that was the topic of his rant).
  • Always rinse off before entering the whirlpool or cold plunge - especially when coming from the steam rooms or sauna (actually, a practice that I'm sure is appreciated at any spa).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Spa Admission

I'm always looking to add new reviews to my blog, so if you're a guest at one of the hotels listed below, I'll pay for your spa admission if you get me in with you:
  • Vdara
  • M Resort
Here are the requirements:
  • You must be a registered hotel guest at one of the properties listed above.
  • Spa visit based on my availability (typically Saturday or Sunday - sorry, can't do weekdays).
  • You must be over the age of 18, and younger than my father (this isn't a date or a hook-up, but still....).
Drop me an email if you're interested, and we'll see if we can work out the arrangements.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spa FAQ's

Here are some answers to general questions about Vegas spas:
  • What do I need to bring with me to the spa? Absolutely nothing. The spa will provide a robe, flip-flops, towels, grooming products, bottled water and juices (some will also provide tea and fruit) all with the cost of your admission. I like to bring my own flip-flops (they're more comfortable), and you'll need to bring gym clothes if you're going to use the gym facilities.
  • Are non-hotel guests permitted to use the spa facilities? It all depends on the individual hotel. Caesars, South Point, Venetian/Palazzo, the Hilton and several others admit non-guests as a general policy. Others, like the Mirage, have a type of "don't ask, don't tell" policy - they don't check in their computer to see if you're a registered guest, and as long as you don't tell them that you're not staying at the hotel, they'll let you in. Some (Wynn, Red Rock) allow non-guests Monday through Thursday, but not on weekends. MGM (and now Mandalay and Luxor) only allow those hotel guests who are in their computer system and have their room key with them. Nearly all of the hotels will allow non-guests to use the spa if they have a scheduled treatment over a certain dollar amount (e.g., any spa treatment $50 or more).
  • Can I leave the spa and come back later? Yes. With the purchase of admission, you can come and go as you like during the day.
  • When is the best time to go? As a general rule, spas are busiest on the weekends, and tend to be the most active between 2pm and 5pm. However - there are a lot of factors that can affect spa attendance - such as the type of convention in town, events being held at the hotel, what else is happening in town that weekend, etc. The greatest opportunities for playing are usually early in the morning or right before closing time as there are fewer guests in the spa - but sadly, fewer guys to choose from as well.
  • Can I be naked in the spa? Absolutely. The spas are segregated by sex, and are one of the few public places where you can hang out naked. Insecure guys (or those who are at the spa with co-workers or family) will wear swimming trunks - but that's the exception and not the rule. Feel free to let it all hang out - besides, it's not like you can do this back home in Des Moines....
  • Can I have sex at the spa? Sorry - no. Because these are public facilities and not private clubs, sexual activity is not permitted. That being said, guys will be guys - so discreet sexual activity will occur. If you're looking to nail some ass in the hot tub with 20 guys joining in, you'll be disappointed with a hotel spa and would do much better to visit Entourage or Hawk's Gym.
  • Can I get thrown out of the spa for having sex? Yep. I've seen guys get tossed out two ways: 1) The spa attendant will tell guests to leave if caught engaging in sexual activity; or 2) Hotel security will remove guests from the spa upon the complaint of another guest. So - be discreet, and make sure that your advances are not unwanted.
  • I'm straight/bi-curious. Will I be bothered by gay men at the spa? Probably not, as long as you don't solicit unwanted attention. For those who are curious, the spas are a much better alternative to bathhouses - there is no pressure to do anything you don't want to, any sexual activity is usually very low key and discreet, and it's okay to just hang out and enjoy the scenery.
  • Should I tip the spa attendant? It's always a good idea. Las Vegas is built upon the practice of tipping, so it does tend to get you better service (and may cause the attendant to look the other way if he catches you in flagrante with another guest). When I visit the Hilton spa, I've found that when I tip Stefan $5 as he's getting me set up at my locker, he'll be very attentive in bringing me bottles of icy cold water when I'm sitting in the whirlpool or steam room. At South Point, my practice of tipping a certain attendant resulted in getting a couple of free day passes. At the larger spas where there are numerous attendants, tipping won't necessarily get you more attention - but it certainly won't hurt.
  • Can you recommend a massage therapist at one of the hotels that will give me a "happy ending?" Sorry to disappoint, but no. Massage therapists at the hotels run the risk of getting fired and losing their licensing if it's discovered that they've made a guest a little happier than usual. If you're looking for a massage with a little something extra, visit or
  • Which is the best spa to visit? My favorite spa is easily Caesars - more expensive than the others, sure - but it has the best amenities (I love the body-temperature spa in the Roman Pools area), is pretty consistent for sexual playfulness, and usually has a good crop of fit guys to check out. Mandalay is probably my second favorite; South Point is a good spa to check out if you're a local, but is too inconsistent in terms of activity to recommend to out-of-town visitors.
  • Have you visited all the spas reviewed on this blog? Yep - I won't post a review here unless I've personally visited the spa and checked out the facilities.

How to Cruise at a Spa

I receive the occasional email from bi or straight men asking about the proper etiquette for cruising guys at a spa. Let me offer a few tips:
  • Where the action is. Most activity will occur in the steam room or sauna, as they generally offer the most privacy of the public areas of the spa. Minor groping does happen in the whirlpools, but a greater degree of caution needs to be exercised (and generally not until after you've established contact already).
  • Swinging in the breeze. If you're looking to have a little fun at the spa, the most important thing to do is leave your shyness at the front door. Enjoy the experience of being naked - don't rush to wrap a towel around you as you get out of the whirlpool, show off a little, don't rush to cover up if you get a little aroused. There's nothing sexier than a guy who's comfortable in his own body - even if he isn't hung like a porn star or his body fat is over 5%. Guys can't be attracted to what they can't let them have a glimpse of the merchandise.
  • Throw in the towel. How you use your towel will often signal to others your interest in playing. In the steam room or sauna, sit on one end of your towel, and then drape the other end of the towel over your package. If the coast is clear and you're interested in playing, casually remove the end of the towel and expose your cock. Conversely, you can be pretty sure that someone who has their towel wrapped tightly around them isn't interested in playing. Guys who don't cover up at all in the sauna and steam room can be hard to read - some straight guys are just comfortable letting it all hang out (or are accustomed to a Korean spa environment), and others just aren't shy and don't mind putting the goods on display (me). In any case - keep at least one end of the towel available to cover up your stiffy should anyone suddenly walk into the room and interrupt the fun.
  • Let your body language do the talking. Body language is the key gauge in letting someone know you're interested in playing. If you want to convey to others that you're interested, sit in the steam room or sauna with your legs open and your hands resting on your upper thighs close to your cock. Follow up with eye contact if you're getting the impression that the other guy may be interested. Guys with their arms folded across their chest and their legs closed together are definitely signaling that they're not into it.
  • Get the party started. Okay, so you're both sitting in the steam room, cocks exposed - what do you do next to get things rolling? Here's what usually gets things started: Reach down and just give your cock a gentle tug (like you're wiping away the sweat or readjusting yourself), and see how the other guy reacts. If he follows suit and gives his dick a tug, you know you've got some interest...and things just kind of move on from there.
  • To speak or not to speak. Some guys are really into the whole anonymous sexual experience and prefer to mess around without any verbal interaction. Me - I like a guy who will chat me up and am more likely to play with someone who at least says hi before he reaches for my junk. It all just depends on the guy.
  • This ain't no bathhouse. For those of you who have visited bathhouses, the first thing to remember is that this is a significantly different environment and you need to be much more subtle in your cruising technique. I always laugh to myself when I'm relaxing at a spa and notice guys who walk into the steam room for 5 seconds, turn around and walk out, walk into the sauna for 5 seconds, turn around and walk out, and repeat that process ad infinitum. While the straight guys might not pick up on what you're doing, they WILL get pissed at you for letting all the steam/heat out. Remember that you're at the spa primarily to enjoy soaking/steaming/relaxing, and cruising is just the cherry on top. So - even if you go into the steam room and don't see anyone you want to play with - at least go through the motions that you're there to get some steam, and sit in the room for a couple of minutes before you turn around and walk out to find greener pastures.
  • Big brother is watching you. As a general rule, spa attendants regularly check the steam rooms and sauna facilities, so be cautious when playing around. Always be ready to cover up, and be attentive to the sounds of someone approaching. Also, be cautious when playing in front of other guests - you don't want to do anything that's going to scare the straights.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nurture Spa and Salon - Luxor

Address: 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Hours: 8 am - 8:30 pm, 7 days a week

Cost: $10 for a day pass for hotel guests; multi-day passes are no longer available.

Non-hotel guests: Luxor has changed its policy for non-hotel guests several times recently; it currently advertises a $30 day pass for non-hotel guests. Non-hotel guests may also be admitted to the spa with the purchase of a spa treatment.

Amenities: 2 whirlpools, 1 cold plunge, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity: Low to Medium

  • The steam room is huge, and can be a great place to play while the steam is running.
  • In January 2010, spa staff began checking the hotel computer to verify that guests were registered at the hotel. Prior to that, non-guests could get into the spa simply by giving a valid hotel room number upon checking in at the spa desk.
  • I've had reports that one of the spa attendants will occasionally play with the guests, but haven't been able to confirm...
Review: Historically, Luxor was THE spa to go to in Vegas, and cruising activity was quite high (especially when it was open 24 hours). I've been there several times in the last couple of years, and haven't found it to be that active - but others report that cruising is still pretty decent. The spa facilities are generally adequate, but Luxor has been eclipsed in recent years by Caesars and other newer facilities, and could stand an upgrade.

Last visit - February 2011: I had the opportunity to visit the Luxor spa for the first time in quite a while, and am sad to report that there wasn't much to look at while I was there. I can confirm from firsthand experience that one of the attendants will play - but don't ask me to name names!

The Spa at Red Rock - Red Rock Casino

Address: 11011 W. Charleston Boulevard (approximately 25 minutes west of the Strip)

Hours: 6am - 7pm, 7 days a week

Cost: Free for hotel guests (guests pay a $25 "resort fee" in addition to the room rate upon check-in, which includes use of the spa, fitness facility and pool).

Non-hotel guests: Non-hotel guests may use the spa Mon-Thurs; cost is $50.

Amenities: 1 whirlpool, 1 cold plunge, 1 steam room, 1 sauna

Cruising activity: Medium

  • The showers have opaque glass doors and are private enough for discreet activity, as long as no one is watching you enter/exit together...
  • The steam room can be a little dark, so it may actually be easier to play in the sauna.
Review: Although the spa area is small, Red Rock is a beautiful facility and definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity. A spa pass also includes the use of a private outdoor pool area (unisex - you'll need trunks) - so you can make a day of it and get some sun by the pool in addition to enjoying the spa. While it doesn't draw the crowds like the spas at Caesars or Mandalay, it does tend to get a fair amount of fit/in-shape guys, and possibilities for cruising are generally pretty good.

Last Visit: August 2010 - the spa had fewer patrons on my most recent visit than in times past. However, I still managed to get a "helping hand" on two occasions - so despite the limited numbers, there's still a fair amount of cruising.